not all water is equal.

What makes us special?

Filtered by Mother Nature herself, Noosa Natural Spring Water puts other waters to the test.  Bottled directly at the source at the base of Cooroy Mountain, in the Noosa hinterland, the water flows through natural layers of rock and pools in aquifers within the Noosa biosphere. This process leaves only naturally-occurring minerals for a clean, pure taste – the way nature intended. No Ozone, No Chlorine or other chemicals or additives are used in its bottling process – a distinct difference from other spring water products. Not all water is equal – Noosa Natural, know what you are drinking.




Our Range.



The 600mL range is the perfect size for when you’re on the go



The 1L bottles are great for when you are extra thirsty



The 1.5L bottles are ideal for sharing or to keep in your fridge

300ML Kids

300ML Kids

Stay tuned, the 300mL kids range is coming soon!

Where is Noosa anyway?

Located in the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Noosa Natural Spring Water is bottled at Cooroy Mountain and is proud to be part of Noosa Beverages product portfolio.

“We knew when we purchased the Cooroy Mountain property we had something special.  Most other manufacturers have to source, transport and in turn process water from different places and that’s something that we don’t have to worry about.  Our spring water is right there, ready to be bottled on site on Cooroy mountain, pure and pristine as nature intended ” Peter Lavin – Director   

Noosa Beverages incorporated in 2012 with Iconic Qld beverages brands Wimmers Soft Drink, Cooroy Mountain Spring Water and Noosa Natural Spring water in its portfolio and still remains a 100% Australian owned and operated business.

After first launching in 2014 to a test trial market and after successful uptake of the brand, our manufacturing facilities has now invested in a full scale launch, including a new premium pack offering.

Not only is Noosa Natural packaged in a sleek, slimline bottle but is positioned to reflect and evoke feelings of the clean living and sophisticated nature of its home and internationally recognised tourist destination- Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast.


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